Welcome to The Unruly Joy Club!

Welcome Letter from Madame President:

Hello New Members,

I am your unruly club president, Jasmine. I prefer to be called Madame President! Or you can call me Club Leader, Unruly President, or Joyful President, or perhaps other combinations of the club name. Either way, I will call myself Madame President 90% of the time.

This club exists to be a space where we join together in our desire to be apologetically true to ourselves and our values. In this club we value honesty, empathy, and unsatiated curiosity above all else. Joy is an emotion we hold in high regard, because we understand its power to allow us to experience the beauties of life. We appreciate our other emotions because they are all normal, natural, and allow us live complex, enriched lives. Together we strive to build our communities and relationships with ourselves and others.

In this digital age where negativity, and quite frankly, raging hatred are at the forefront of every social media platform and other types of media, I wanted to create a space where my knowledge and love for psychology and mental health are at the forefront AND where I can comfortably express my creativity.

Social Media & Mental Health

As of May 2024, The Unruly Joy Club YouTube channel focuses on the topic of social media addiction and following my journey of Taking Control of my own social media use. I enjoy being active online, however, I end up mindlessly scrolling and wasting time I would rather spend honing my crafts or getting more (much needed) sleep!

The goal is for monthly video updates on this social media experiment, because I have no intention of deleting all of my accounts and we may benefit from learning to live in harmony with the forces outside of our control (e.g., changing algorithms, all the SM apps becoming the same thing, TikTok being banned), and shaping the aspects that we can control.

Every new social media focused video can be found below:

A Bit About Me

I am currently in the second year of my master’s program studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling to become a licensed professional counselor (LPC). I am also trained as a mental and behavioral health technician and social-emotional learning (SEL) mentor. I love to read, write, sing karaoke, sketch doodles, and myriad other activities (this list would be endless).

My TikTok focuses on daily experiences of joy (@unrulyjoyclub): being a plant mom, trying new recipes, working towards my degree, etc.

My Instagram/Bookstagram (@theunrulybookclub) is where I try to share updates on my current reads and share photos of my crochet projects!

Dandelions and Jasmine
a jasmine in a field of dandelions – growing where it pleases

*Disclaimer: Nothing on The Unruly Joy Club website nor the social media pages serve as clinical advice. I am not a licensed mental health counselor. In the future when I have my M.A. and LPC licensure, this blog and social media accounts will continue to NOT be clinical advice. Recommendations and advice on the internet are NOT clinical recommendations.

Please speak with your doctor(s) and counselors for clinical advice. If you or someone you know are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911. If you or someone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide and/or a mental health crisis please call 988 for the suicide hotline, contact your mental health provider, and/or contact a loved one. You are loved. You are not alone.